Desktop Access

We know the needs of patients and ED triage nurses are not the same, so we have built a portal just for you

Now you can reach out and connect in real time with Urgent Care clinics to safely transfer those non-emergency patients who do not need to be in your ED

Digital waiting room display

Inform and empower your ED waiting room

Choose the languages that reflect your patient community best

Reduce aggression levels towards triage staff


De-congest your busy ED by empowering patients with minor problems to start their journey in primary care

Reduce wait times for patients

Improve health outcomes and quality of care

Free up your team, beds and clinical resources to focus on patients with medical emergencies

Lift staff morale

"What do triage nurses like about Emergency Q?"

“Easy to use –promotes patient initiative and educates them”

“Since Emergency Q started it feels like the level of verbal abuse has dropped significantly…even if people choose to stay they tend not to be angry about the wait as we have offered them an alternative and they can see the wait time on the screen”

“Everything, love it!”

“Relieves load on front of house. We can concentrate on WRB/ambo bay patients”